Introduction to the Capri (3)

Mk1 Capri Mockup 1966
(Ford Photographic Services)

During the clinics held across Europe one of the major points often highlighted by members of the public was the claustrophobia that passengers traveling in the rear felt. In order to address this problem the designers tried to increase the size of the windows by squaring them off. Only the latest prototypes had the unique C shaped rear windows and when compared to the previous designs it is remarkable how much these windows give to the final overall aesthetics of the car.

As highlighted in the brief for the design teams working on the Capri as many current parts were to be used for the Capri as possible. For this reason the cars that were to go on sale in 1969 shared many major items with other cars in the current Ford range. The 1.3 (1298 cc) came from the new Mk I Escort, the 1.6 (1599 cc) came from the Cortina and the 2.0 (1996 cc) came from the Corsair. All the gearboxes were from the Cortina.

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