MK I History (2)

1969 Mk1 Capri 1600
(Ford Photographic Services)

By now Ford had started production of the Capri at Halewood in Liverpool, England in November 1968 to try to ensure that every Ford dealer had at least one Capri on the forecourt on 5 February 1969. The Capri was sold as “the car you always promised yourself” and over the next eighteen years nearly two million people in Europe and America fulfilled that promise. Eleven years after the Capri was launched it was still in the top ten selling cars in Britain, something that is impossible today.

The likes of Jackie Stewart, Cliff Richard and of course Bodie and Doyle all drove Capris at one time or another. And whether you like or hate the Capri it remains a part of motoring history that carved a place for Ford in a part of the market it had never been before and set the trend for others to follow.

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