MK II History (2)

Capri MKII Cutaway Detail
(1975 Haynes. Terry Davey)

Mechanically the MkII's were generally similar to the MkIs - but most areas had been improved. The rear track was increased by 2.2 inches, bigger brakes, softening of the suspension. Altogether Ford claimed 151 modifications. The four cyliner engines, whilst still available as 1300, 1600 and 2000, were replaced by the new overhead cam "Pinto" engine for the 1.6 and 2.0 versions. The 3000 was still the Essex V6.

The gearbox was new, along with a new range in interior and exterior trim. Following Ford's purchase of the "Ghia" styling company the name Ghia was to be used to denote the top of the range car for each of the models produced by Ford, and is still used today. The MkI X, L and R system was replaced by L, GL, XL and GT only. There were other options available such as the automatic gear box. And as was the case on the MkI dashboard the GT models had six clocks whereas the lower specifications models had only two.

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