MK III History (1)

Capri MKIII 2.8 injection
(Ford Motor Company)

1978 saw the final major changes to the Capri. Apparently the new Capris were never officially refered to as the MkIII, but to everyone else there was no better name. Project "Carla" began in April 1977 with the first cars available in March 1978. There were extensive changes to the exterior of the MkIII Capris to improve the aerodynamics. The front of the car was the main focus of attention with the distinctive quad headlamps and extended leading edge to the bonnet and louvred grille. These changed meant a reduced drag coefficient of a claimed 0.403 compared to 0.428 on the MkII. Further changes to the "S" Capris reduced this figure further to 0.374. This lead to improvements in economy and performance.

Other external changed included plastic side mouldings along the doors and a plastic boot mounted rear spoiler. The interior remaied very similar to the MkII interior, which in turn had been passed on by the MkI facelift Capris. There were new trim colours available, and a smaller sportier steering wheel.

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