MkI Capri 3000GT/E/GXL - L, X, R, XL, XLR

Face-Lift MkI Ford Capri 3000 GXL
(Capri Club International)

Initially the largest engined models available these Capris were the fastest production cars that had been marketed by Ford of Britain. These cars also had the largest petrol tanks with 13 1/2 gallons (61 litres) compared to 12 3/4 gallons (58 litres) for all the previous Capris. In 1971 a 3000E cost 1,600 and 1,721.55 in Febrary 1972

The facelift three litre GXL was fitted with quad headlamps, rear opening quater windows, and a chrome strip along the "hockeystick" side accent. The Essex three litre now output around 140 bhp.

3000GT/3000E Specification 1970-1971

3000GT/3000E/3000GXL Specification 1971-1973