The Capri Custom Plan

Ford said "We don't want you to get the idea that because there are so many things you can do to this car, it isn't quite finished when it comes to you. The Capri is a very sumptuous motor car. As it stands. Roomy, Comfortable, Carpeted wall-to-wall. Fully instrumented. Packed with safety features. And with handling the like of which you've never known" (1969 Ford Motor Company Ltd)

The three types of option packs meant that at launch there were twenty six different types of Capri available. A combination of these could be specified. X, L, R, XL and XLR. It was not possible to have an XR or an LR.

The Options

  • Option Pack L
  • Option Pack X
  • Option Pack R

  • In order to promote the option packs Ford offered the X and L packs together at a reduced price (44 7s 10d), and similarly the XLR option was a cheaper package than the total price of the individual option (79 12s 10d). It was only possible to fit the full XLR pack to hte GT models. Capris with no option packs or just the X, L, or R pack are very rare.

    A radio could be fitted for 31 and the Borg Warner three speed automatic gearbox was 89

    From September 1970 it was no longer possible to order your Capri with just an X or R pack. Only L, XL or XLR were available. Nylon upholstery was also added to the options list.