MkI Capri RS3100

MkI Capri RS3100 Interior
(Haymarket Specialist Publications Ltd)

The RS2600 had used the German 2.6 Cologne engine - which had been bored out as far as it would go. Therefore the RS3100 used an overbored Essex 3 litre unit producing148 bhp (although the racing engines were bored to 3421cc and produced around 415 bhp). The road going homologation RS3100's shared many fetures with the RS2600's; brakes, suspension, wheels bumpers, and headlights were all the same. The dummy side vents and interior were standard 3000GXL equipment but the 130mph speedometer, flat dish RS steering wheel, and AVO paint scheme were unique to the RS3100, as was an optional limmted slip differential.

Production ran from December 1973 to January 1974 and although 1000 cars were planned only 248 vehicles left the factory. These were launched into a country suffering from on oil crisis ; not the best market for a Capri with the largest engine ! At 2450 the RS3100 was nearly 800 more than a 3000E, and as the sales of the RS3100 were overhadowed by the launch of the MkII Capri in early 1974 in is no wonder that this car is one of the rarest going !

RS3100 Specification