Ford Capri Mk1 Owners Day 2003

Many thanks to all those who came to my first attempt at organising a show. The first Southern Mk1 Owners Day on September 21 2003 was a great success, with 26 Mk1 Capris on show! It was generally agreed that this was the greatest number of Mk1's at a show in recent years.

  • Who Came? - A list of the Capris that came to the show.

  • Cars - Pictures of the cars that came

  • Video - Click here to download a 3Mb WMV video of the show - 2.92Mb

  • Gallery - Pictures of the day

  • The venue for the show was Popham airfield, in Hampshire. Also that day there were quite a few light aircraft arriving for one of the "fly-in" days that are held at the field, which was fun for the Capri owners to watch and added an unusual dimension to the show - it is not every day you get an SE5 biplane parking behind a row of Mk1 Capris!

    We had a great selection of Mk1's on display, pre-facelift, facelift, every engine size fitted to UK specification Capris; 1.3, 1.6, 2.0, 3.0 and 2.8i. We also had a 5.0 V8 Perena Capri, two RS3100's a modified 16V Cosworth Turbo Capri, and a Four wheel drive Cosworth Turbo, quite a selection.

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