MkII Capri JPS - The Midnight Special

MkII Capri JPS
(1997 Bayview Books)

In 1975 Ford capitalised on the success of the Lotus Formula 1 racing car colours which were black and gold at the time due to their sponsorship by the John Player Special cigarettes. The first Capri S was codenamed "midnight" and relected the colour scheme of the JPS racing cars with nearly all of the cars trim blacked out. Only the inner sections of the seats were gold, along with the coachlines and alloy wheel inserts. The JPS also had harder suspension.

Available with the 1600GT configuration, and with the 2000GT and 3000GT to order.

JPS - 1600 GT Specification

JPS - 2000 GT Specification

JPS - 3000 GT Specification