MkIII Capri 280

Capri 280
(Ford Motor Company Ltd)

The Capri 280 "Brooklands". The last type of Capri available. After nearly twenty years of production Ford produced a final limited edition run of cars that were designed to mark the passing of the Capri with style. Originally badged as the "Capri 500" as 500 were planned for the production the name was changed to "Capri 280" and the production ran to 1038 examples.

Whether it was a tribute to Henry Fords "you can have any colour you like as long as it is black" the Capri 280 was only available in Brooklands green - and the name of the paint has stuck with the car - most often refered to as a Brooklands than a Capri 280. Essentially this Capri was identical to the 2.8 Injection Special but had larger 15 inch ally wheels (of the same design as the 2.8i) and the interior was trimmed in full raven black leather with red piping for the seats.

Destined to be an instant classic all these cars sold quickly and still change hands for more money than other Capris. On 19 December 1986 the last Capri was finished, the last of over 1.92 million cars that you always promised yourself.

280 Capri Specifications