My MkIII Capri 2.8 Injection Special (2)

My MkIII Capri 2.8 Injection Special
(1997 Giles Ford-Crush)

The history of my Capri

B221 MPE left the factory in Cologne, Germany on 13 November 1984. It was not registered until 2 March 1985 when it was bought from Solomons of Camberley, Surrey, UK by Mr P Pryke.

For some reason Mr Pryke sold the car only 9 months later on 21 December 1985 to Mr P Gwynne. In October 1988 the car was involved in a very serious accident with some horses which had escaped from their field and ran over the car. The damage was so severe that the vehicle was infact written off. Peter Gwynne, however, decided to pay the money to have the car repaired.

The car was used as Peters daily transport untill it was replaced by a 24v Probe. B221 MPE was then stored in a garage until I bought it on 27 April 1997.

2.8 Injection Special Specification

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