The Facelift

Pre-Face-Lift (left) and Facelift (right) GT dash board
(Bayview Books 1997)

In September 1972 the Capri range recieved a "facelift" of over one hundred and fifty changes to the car. Mechanically the 1600 "Kent" engine was replced by the "Pinto", but all the other engines remained the same, the 2.0 litre Pinto did not arrive until the MkII Capri in 1974. Softer springs and rear anti-roll bars were fitted along with 5 inch wheels as standard across the range.

Major changes were made to the lightning, and exterior and interior trim. The headlamps were enlarged and the indicators fitted to the front bumper. The redesigned rear light clusters were much larger with the reversing lights now included rather than located under the rear bumper, they also had fog lamps - a feature not included in the earlier MkI's. The dummy side mouldings were much smaller and every Capri bonnet had a power bulge.

New designs for the dash board and front trim such as the glove box and centre console would continue throughout the rest of the Capri production - albeit with subtle changes. The wood effect trim was improved and the seats were changed to give more of a "bucket" feel. A two spoke steering wheel was included and a valuable half inch more legroom for rear passengers created by hollowing out the back of the front seats. The Capri range was changed to only include L, XL, GT - but the GT models could still add the "R" pack to become a GT XLR - the top of the range for any give engine size, apart from the new top of the range GXL.