Tickford Turbo Capri

Tickford Turbo Capri (press car)
(Aston Martin Tickford)

The body kit was unique to the Tickford Capri and reduced the drag coefficient from 0.39 to 0.37. It was further estimated that front end lift had been reduced my 70 percent ! The interior was enhanced with walnut fillets, electric windows, sunroof and a burglar alarm. The centre console was modified with leather trim all round. A full leather option was available along with Pirelli P7 tyres. The Tickford was available in red, white or black.

The overall result was a "true 140 mph supercar" with a stunning 0-60mph time of just 6.7 seconds. Motor Sport magazine compared the performance to the 2.7 litre Porsche 911. By 1987 the price had increased to 17,220 and by the time production stopped it is estimated that around 100 cars were manufactured, less than half the original estimate.

This is actually not entirely accurate. 100 2.8i's were bought by AMT but only 85 of them were re-sold as Tickford Turbo's. The remaining 15 cars were sold on as standard 2.8 injection specials, but with the one redeeming feature that they had AMT VIN plates. The reason that these last fifteen cars were not transformed to Tickfords is that the car was now clashing with the production of the Sierra Cosworth - which was cheaper and probably faster.

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